The idea behind it

The High Point Ride is a tour by bicycle to the highest peaks of every country in Europe. Go to Germany, climb the Zugspitze. Go to Austria, climb the Großglockner. Go to France, climb the Mont Blanc. And so forth, till I’ve visited every country in Europe that way.

I plan to climb each one of these mountains within 2018. A little extra spice is added by taking a paraglider with me on tour, hopefully being able to fly down most of the peaks.

All in all I’ll ride about 20.000km by bike, hike up over 125.000m of altitude, scale four dozen mountains.

How does one come up with something like the High Point Ride?

I had the idea once I came upon the tidbit of information that no person had ever climbed the highest mountain of every country. I often read about absurd record attempts, especially about travelling to every country, since that is my own goal in the long run.

I’ve always cycled to the places I want to visit, but by now I ran out of countries to cycle to. Since I mostly have island states and a few conflict zones left, it was time to look at alternatives. Kayaking, Hiking, Mountaineering, Paragliding… the list goes on.

In the end I decided that I start anew, with the main focus on mountaineering. Of course I still had to get to the mountains, a form a land transport was needed… easy choice: A bicycle. And with the new advances in Hike&Fly paragliders that have become much smaller and lighter over the years, I decided to add flying into the mix. Not only does it add another discipline, but allows fantastic vistas while gliding over mountain ranges. I’m very much looking forward to it.

The obvious choice to start is my home territory: Europe. Hence the High Point Ride: Go by bike to every country in Europe, climb to the top, paraglide down.

Once successful, find another continent, repeat.

Maybe I could even add a kayak to the mix: Go to the highest point, paraglide down, cycle to a river, paddle to the ocean. But that would be an idea for the next tour…