Patrick Martin

Patrick Schroeder is a German adventurer with the goal to visit every country in the world. After his Abitur and military service, he started backpacking around the globe in 2007, followed by extensive bike tours through over 140 countries.

After 10 years he is now branching out into different disciplines, incorporating hiking, boating, climbing and mountaineering into his tours.


  • Backpacking through Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia.
  • Half-Marathons in Paris, Rome and Athens.
  • Hiking in the alps.
  • Free-Solo climbing in Jordan.
  • Swimming in the dead sea.
  • Advanced Open Water and Deep Diver certifications in Thailand/Malaysia.
  • Bungee Slingshot in Singapore.
  • Hiking in the Taman Negara rain forest.
  • 10 day meditation course in a Buddhist monastery.
  • Extensive hiking in the Australian outback and the blue mountains.


  • Backpacking through New Zealand, the USA and Central America.
  • Skydiving, Bungee and mountaineering at Queenstown.
  • Climbed „The Remarkables“ in New Zealand.
  • Snow-hiking in National Parks like Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Sequoia in the US.
  • Visiting Mayan ruins in Central America.
  • Climbing volcanoes in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
  • Rescue Diver, Wreck and Nitrox certifications in Honduras.
  • Bike tours through Central Europe, 6000km.
  • Caving underneath Budapest.
  • Rock climbing, indoors/outdoors around Europe.
  • Climbed the Ortler, 3905m.


  • Backpacking through India and Nepal.
  • Rock climbing in Hampi, India.
  • Everest base camp trek and scaling the Kala Patthar, 5555m.
  • Diving on the Andaman islands.
  • Started bike trip to South Africa from Germany, 12.000km.
  • Climbing in Meteora, Greece.
  • Scaled Mt. Olympus, 2918m.
  • Diving in Turkey.
  • Cycled across the Negev desert.
  • Cycled across the Sahara along the Nile.
  • Visited both sources of the Nile in Ethiopia and Uganda.
  • Visiting Somalia with military escort.
  • Rafting in Jinja, Uganda.


  • Finished bike trip to South Africa from Germany, 6.000km.
  • Bungee at Victoria Falls, 111m.
  • Bungee at Bloukrans, 216m.
  • Living with a ranger in Kruger National Park.
  • Scaled Table Mountain at Capetown.
  • Scaled Monte Rosa, 4634m, highest peak of Switzerland.
  • Bike tours through Central Europe, 3000km.
  • Bike tour through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, 4000km.


  • Started bike tour from Argentina to Canada, 15.000km.
  • Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Cycling the Bolivian/Peruvian highlands.
  • Crossing the Salar to Uyuni and the Atacama desert.
  • Climbed Huayna Potosi, 6088m.
  • Flying over the Nazca lines.
  • Trekking to Machu Picchu, the Inca valley and other Inca ruins.
  • Trekking to the Cuidad Perdida in Colombia.
  • Visiting Easter Island.
  • Boating the Amazon river from the Peruvian highlands to the Brazilian coast.
  • Sailing to Panama.


  • Finished bike tour from Argentina to Canada, 8.000km.
  • Volcano climbing in Central America.
  • Visited Teotihuacan and other Aztec ruins.
  • Cycled Route 66 from LA to Chicago, 4000km.
  • Trekking in Grand Canyon and Monument Valley area.
  • 500km bike ride in 24h.
  • Visited the largest cave in America, the Carlsbad caverns.
  • Hiking in Tunesia.


  • Bike tour through Eastern Europe in winter, 5000km.
  • Visited Chernobyl.
  • Visited Transnistria, an unrecognized former USSR state.
  • Ultralight-Hiking on Malta.
  • Backpacking through South-East Asia from mainland over Borneo till Timor-Leste.
  • Visiting Buddhist and Hindu temples in Indonesia.
  • Solo pack-rafting on Sulawesi and Borneo.
  • Visiting remote tribes on Sulawesi.
  • Caving on Borneo, Gua Mulu and Gua Mimpi.
  • Cycling through the Bagan temple areas.


  • Visiting the Canares islands.
  • Hiking on Ireland.
  • Bike tour through West Africa, 10.000km.
  • Visiting remote areas in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau.
  • Sahara cross on a carbon road bike, following the Dakar-Paris route.
  • Cycling the Rio Douro from Portugal into Spain.
  • Pyrenees crossing by bike at the pass de la casa, 2090m.


  • Bike tour from Germany to China and back, 16.000km.
  • Riding the Trans-Siberian railway.
  • Cycling over the frozen Lake Baikal at -45°c.
  • Hiking in Siberia.
  • Gobi desert crossing.
  • Cycling on the Chinese wall.
  • Visited North-Korea.
  • Scaled Mt.Fuji.
  • Taklamakan desert crossing.
  • Cycled 450km across Turkmenistan in under 36h.
  • Cycling the silk road and part of the Pamir mountains.
  • Visiting Persepolis, the ruins of the Persian empire.
  • Visiting holy Zoroaster sites in eastern Iran.
  • Visiting Nagorno-Karabakh, an unrecognized state within Azerbaidjan.


  • Bike tour on a folding bike through the Middle East, 4000km.
  • Bike tour on a folding bike through the Indian Sub-continent, 3000km.
  • Visiting living root bridges in remote Indian tribal areas.
  • Cycling up into the Himalayas at Darjeeling and Sikkim.
  • Road trip through Central Europe.
  • Bike tour through the Alps.
  • Summited Mt. Blanc, 4810m, highest peak of Europe on a solo tour.
  • Summited the Zugspitze, 2962m, highest peak of Germany.


  • Bike tour on a bamboo bike through West Africa, 5000km.
  • Climbing Via Ferratas in the Dolomites.
  • Kayaking in Germany.
  • Ultralight hiking in Germany.
  • … to be continued.


The big goal: Visit every country in the world

Patricks main goal is to set foot on each and every country, a goal that developed naturally after several years of globetrotting.

In 2017 the number stands at 148 countries of 194 UN members; that’s 77% done.

Most of the remaining areas are unfortunately either far from the mainland, or in a state of civil or political upheaval.

Working with Sponsors

  • Receiving support by sponsors since 2011, Patrick has worked with over a dozen companies, in advertising, product testing and design.
  • He teams up with companies at outdoor-related conventions like the Eurobike and ISPO.
  • He’s usually available for reports, photo-shoots and ads; and more than happy to give an interview or two.

If you are interested in working with Patrick, please contact him by email.


Patrick has appeared in newspapers, TV, radio, outdoor and bicycle magazines, as well as websites and blogs all over the net.

If you are working for the press and want to interview or write about Patrick, please leave a message and you’ll receive a media kit with more information and photos.


A special thanks to all companies and retailers for their support. You make it all possible! These companies have helped me in the past on my other bike trips: