A little project of mine…

Welcome to the High Point Ride.

My name is Patrick and this will be the home for my publication throughout the year. I’ll post pictures, videos and blog posts about a little project I came up with: The High Point Ride.

The name gives a hint of it’s design: Riding a bike to the highest points. In this case: Europe. I plan to travel to every country in Europe and climb the highest mountain in each one. Then, weather permitting, I’ll paraglide down.

For each mountain you’ll get a little report on the hike, climb and gear I used, photos from the summit and a video of the flight.

The start is in April, till then I’ll spend more time preparing the website, my equipment and myself. In March I’ll head down to Bavaria to finish my A-Licence for the paraglider, the last missing puzzle piece.

If you want to follow this project, you can do so here, on Facebook and on Twitter. I’ll start with a Reddit AMA soon, so stay put!

Hope to see you around,